Friday, December 1, 2017

Rise of the Necromancer Update #1 - A Change of Direction

...and it's been a little over two months since I said I'd post something here "soon". Sorry about that. I've not come empty handed, though! I have been making fairly decent progress over the past two months while juggling development and my online college courses.

I've done a bit of prototyping and a lot of thinking, and I've decided to make some changes to the direction of development. Originally I had grand plans for this project, and I still do, but realistically, I need to tone it down a notch if I'm ever going to release anything. Luckily most of what I've finished so far is underlying mechanics that won't be adversely affected by these changes, so I won't be wasting time trying to rework what I've already done.

So, what am I changing? Well, to start with, the original decision to make ROTN open world was a poor decision. I've come to realize I won't realistically achieve the level of detail and quality I would want for an open world game entirely on my own in a reasonable amount of time. To make up for this, the game will be an action RPG rather than an open world RPG, similar to Grim Dawn and Diablo. The main benefits to this change are two-fold. First, it will allow me to break the game up into more defined areas that are easier to work on than a vast open canvas, thus improving overall quality and attention to detail. These areas will still be seamlessly connected where possible for minimal loading screens and a feeling of being more open than a traditional ARPG. The second benefit to this change is I won't be as stressed over how good things look up close because players will be viewing everything from further away. This doesn't mean I'm going to skimp out on making things look good, I mostly just mean I won't spend hours at a time trying to perfect a single model or material since the ARPG style camera can only see so much detail.

In addition to this change, many of the features listed over on the Trello board will be reworked soon. I'll review what I have and see what I can realistically keep, but several of the more cosmetic things will probably get backlogged until further notice since they'd be cool to have but don't have any real bearing on gameplay.

Again, I'm sorry for being inconsistent when I say I'll post soon and then not posting for months. I'll try to get better about that. Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget to join the ChromarGames Discord server if you want to chat about the game!

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